Thursday, December 16, 2004

Count Your Apples

Catablast! readers have long been a fan of Apple, whose panoramic turnaround this past year is a living testament to how well companies can leverage their brand identiy, revamp tired management, and introduce a new product line all while increasing shareholder value. Furthermore, kudos to Apple's ebullient marketing initiative, one in which U2 helped out to ring in the next phase in consumer-based hi-technology.

Unfortunately, the demand seems to have overwhlemed supply...

Stocks of Apple Computer's iPods appear to be running low at U.S. stores.
As Some of the colorful, diminutive iPod minis and the 20-gigabyte white iPods are out of stock through Inc., Buy.comInc. and other Web sites, the Wall Street Journal reports. Target Corp. stores in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area say they are out of many iPods, as does J&R Electronics Inc., a big electronics store in New York. Best Buy Co. is out of most iPods on its Web site. To try to meet the high demand, "we're making and shipping iPods as fast as we can," Apple said in a statement.

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