Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Krispy Kreme Finally Makes Management Change

It's been quite a shitty year for the national dounoguht maker--dry sales, an SEC investigation, and a once beloved CEO turned into analyst punching bag. On Tuesday, Krispy Kreme hired a turnaround specialist to clean up the mess. Investors reacted well to the news--it was up 13 % today. This should serve the stock well even further down the road. The Atkins diet craze is finally waning, for starters. Krispy Kreme, furthermore, has the luxury of bouncing off their strong brand name. All they have to do, obviously, is restructure and get operatons back to par. What should we expect? The company said in a statement that
KZC will work with the company to review whether it should take certain operational actions, which could include the consolidation of store locations...Any such actions could result in substantial losses, although it is expected that any restructuring charges largely would be noncash charges.

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