Friday, February 11, 2005

Catablast! Featured on ProBlogger

Daren over at ProBlogger--a blog consulting firm--was kind enough to name drop us recently. Thanks, bud.
This a week to go in the Business Blogging awards and Darren at Inside Blogging is encouraging us all to give it a bit more of a push. A flurry of posts are made announcing the start of the business blogging awards, bloggers beg, persuade, write nice things about each other hoping it will bring them votes, post buttons and banners on their site pointing readers to the awards and ask everyone they know including their great grandmothers to place a vote…..and a few begin to break away from the pack in some categories…The Peacock Award for Most Self Important Blog also sees a clear leader emerging - and who would have thought, its a Real Estate Agent (who has generated lots of talk as a result of the awards), running out in front followed by Blog Maverick, Catablast! Communications, and Fifteen Degrees North who all have time to pounce but will need a strong showing in the next 7 days.
Damn, that Mark Cuban! Ok, ok, we like his blog, too.

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