Friday, July 08, 2005

Apple Pulls the Magic Trick

Steve Jobs is debating turning PC player turned digital media purveyor Apple into a phone company.

This comes after Disney's recent decision to do the same.

Disney will be utilizing Sprint's infrastructure.

Disney of course will now have that extra channel through which to filter their content, especially to kids.

As we speak, Apple is developing a hybrid iPod/cell phone with handset maker Motorola.

I guess when you're brand is so strong, you can afford to tackle these extra ventures.

Analysts are certainly optimistic, citing
...the leap to wireless could be even easier for Apple, since it already specializes in making cool, user-friendly handheld gadgets...It makes sense that the company would want to merge two devices already in consumers' pockets, combining a cell phone and a music player... Apple has no comment on the rumors, but Jobs has been enthusiastic about the cellular marketplace. "The mobile phone a phenomenal opportunity to get iTunes in the hands of even more music lovers around the world," he said.
We know that, besides re-inventing itself, controlling the end user experience is what Apple/Jobs does best.

I smell the extra revenues already.

All Apple has to do is assure us the new gizmos won't cannabilize sales...

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