Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Retail Strategies: Seen Redbox Yet?

How about a Finding Nemo with those Nuggets?

Now McDonalds is coupling food with entertainment.

It's called Redbox.

Redbox is McDonald's DVD version of a coke-machine.

Translation: You can rent movies after finishing your Big Mac.

Beta testing is going on right now in Houston.

We're looking at the Giant of Convenience penetrating a $15 billion dollar market, allowing customers who have to "eat anyways" (as one analyst put it) the luxury of renting a blockbuster for just $1 a day.

Did I mention that it only costs $1 a day?

The trials are demonstrating that, contrary to what I expected, users are returning their movies on time.

Here's more: You aren't charged until the movie is returned and late fees are virtually non-existent.

Still haven't seen any here in Miami or NYC yet...

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