Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday Stew: CEO Bloggers

CEOs enjoy many more opportunities today than they did twenty years ago.

And most of it's due to technology.

Things could never be better for new companies in America.

Technological breakthroughs such as the Internet have revolutionized the way commerce runs, the way information is delivered, and the fashion in which businesses connect with their customers.

The birth of the blogs have exponentially increased the rate and power with which companies market themselves, whether it be a start-up or Fortune 500.

While not the only tool in the toolshed, blogs stand at the front of any company's branding repertoire.

Blogs simply make it easier to get the word out.

It's no wonder that Fortune 500 companies are paying hefty fees to blogging companies to help them tap into this new phenomenon.

More significant is the fact that CEOS, venture capitalists, and other top executives blog daily on their own, interspersing pedestrian thoughts on marriage and the kids with profound insights into their work lives.

CEOs would seem to be naturals for blogging.

Most have strong opinions about things.

There is immense value in the knowledge they have accumulated over the years.

They know and are in the know.

The real reason CEOs should blog is value.

Yes, value.

A CEO who blogs gives a human face and voice to his or her company, destroying the common misconception that companies are run by out of touch lawyers and old geezers (although some really are).

Blogs establish credibility and thought leadership.

Blogs are a form of PR youth gravitate to.

Blogs enable customers to "talk back" through touch points a magazine ad may not be able to do.

Feedback theory, as its called -- companies who listen to their customers last longer than those who don't.

Arguably, eBay was one of the first company's to "blog" after they implemented their community-driven infrastructure back in 1997.

As a child of globalization, the blog is an invaluable tool for companies to use as they enter into dialogue with the world that pays them.

Their clients.

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