Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Google Biography Hits Stores Tommorow

Don't forget that the Google book -- titled The Search -- will be released on Thursday.

The crew here has been waiting close to 2 years for it.

Wired's very own John Battelle penned what should be the definitive work on the Dot Com That Could.

If ever there ever was a man fit for such a herculean task, it is he.

We'll be sure to have a review for you by the end of next week.

Of course, our Hold Rating on Google remains intact.

As we wrote weeks ago -- and in some other incarnation -- months ago, Google is so cash flush, anything can happen.

Google is currently trying to break into the VoIP market -- in fact they already have.

We think in order to really penetrate it, the search giant will have to acquire an entrenched player like Skype! Networks.

With the Vonage IPO approaching (expect Vonage to file inside the next 2 weeks), Google simply can't afford to waste another minute.

Vonage is currently the # 1 player in the Internet telephony space, followed by Skype! Networks, whose founders are the same geniuses behind Kazaa.

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