Sunday, October 16, 2005

Zapped Out: Barrons Bodyslams Taser

Over the weekend, Barrons surveyed the situation over at Taser and it wasn't pretty.

As we said on this site two weeks ago, the risks in buying Taser's depressed shares far outweigh the rewards.

Sure, at $7, it's awfully tempting to buy TASR here and hope for a turnaround.

But you'd be asking for the granddaddy of all spankings.

Accounting shenanigans and customer lawsuits alike make Taser a strong candidate for dog of the year.

Ignore the fact that Taser carries little debt on the balance sheet.

Ignore the fact that Taser, surprisingly, still makes money.

The maker of non-lethal stun guns, in case you forgot, took a death blow in 2005 after 140 deaths were blamed on the weapons.

Sales fell out of bed, as did the share price.

Honestly, what police department would feel safe buying Taser guns for its officers?

After Barron's bearish report, it'll be fun to watch Taser shares hit yet another 52 week low on Monday.

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