Thursday, December 23, 2004

Stewart Lovin' the Press

Martha Stewart just posted a XMAS letter on her personal Web site,
pleading for sentencing reform as well as lambasting at the "bad
food" in prison. Stewart, who is roughly halfway through a five-month
sentence for covering up her sale of Imclone stock in 2001, urged fans
to think about the women she has met in prison who are "devoid of
care, devoid of love, devoid of family." Hard to beleive from this
damsel barely in distress. Stewart, who built a billion-dollar empire
in home care goods is apparently busier than we think--she's been
doing a lot of speaking and cleaning at the gentle center she's been
spending the last 2 months at. Earlier this month, her company, Martha
Stewart Living Omnimedia, announced she would host a talk show
produced by mastermind Mark Burnett, whose genius spawned " The
Apprentice." Shares of MSO immediately catapulted to fresh highs.
Stewart's lawyers are still fighting, which is a bunch of BS--the
former stockbroker knew what she was doing and that's that. No one
likes to lose money--period. As a former Street insider, Stewart knew
the system and tried--like anyone else would--to evade a hit in her
brokerage account. Whatever happens, any PR is good PR--the stock
should climb higher as the lava coagulates then reboils ad infinitum.

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