Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami Death Toll Up To 114,000

The confirmed death toll from the weekend earthquake and tsunami in
south Asia soared sharply to 114,000 on Thursday as new bodies were
discovered on the coast of Sumatra The World Health Organization said
Thursday that up to 5 million people in the region lack access to
basic amenities of life--clean water, shelter, food and health care.
Sri Lanka also added 1,944 to its official toll, which now stands at
24,743, and said that nearly 5,000 people are missing and nearly 1
million homeless. Standing as one of the biggest humanitarian
endeavors in history--w/60 nations having pledged over $220 million in
cash--brings some consolation, at least. President Bush on Wednesday
announced the United States, India, Australia and Japan have formed an
international coalition to coordinate relief.
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