Saturday, February 12, 2005

Weekend Reading

Barron's Alan Ableson pats himself on the back for calling out the 2002 HP/Compaq merger that enwrapped the latter in the former’s competitive, PC commodity business. As you know, the HP board finally gave Carly the boot on Wednesday, with a 21 million severance package of course. Ableson also ruminates on Walmart, the consumer giant which may be coming to NYC What the heck, we already have a Home Depot, why not a Walmart? Abelson doesn’t do moving average analysis often, but he does argue that a breaching of the $50 dollar mark would spell disaster for WMT, whose P/E is half of what it was a couple of years ago. Walmart isn’t the sort of stock I would normally buy, but I must admit it had a nice run during the 2000-2002 bear season. The only big cap I owned during that period was Merck and we all know where that took me.

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