Thursday, July 14, 2005

Powell Recruited by Silicon Valley's Best

They say joining a venture capital firm is the epitome of success, financial and otherwise.

On Wednesday, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers -- Silicon Valley's most famous venture firm -- announced that that former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell is joining the firm as a part-time partner.

This is huge.

KPCB is responsible for financing movers of the world Netscape and Google back when the former's business plan was little more than a mission to become the "universal interface" and the latter had just $100,000 in seed money (given to the Google co-founders by a former university professor who saw a miracle behind their search algorithm).

KPCB also funded Sun Micro, Amazon, Compaq, and Genentech to name a few.

Anyways, the fact that KPCB brought Powell on board truly illustrates how global investing and finance have become.

The buzzword today is international.

And that's what the existing partners hope Powell will teach their budding entrepreneurs a little about as they create the next generation's biotech and technology powerhouses.

Another thing I like about the Powell pick-up is that it shows us that, contrary to popular belief, venture capitalism is not dead.

The bubble may have bust, but technology remains a vibrant part of our everyday life.

The next Google is incubating somewhere and you can bet you kisser KPCB is keeping an open radar, here and abroad.

That's what KPCB does -- they hit home runs.

And now with Powell on bench, lending his expertise and helping make the calls, looking abroad will be a lot easier.

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