Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mad Money 8/17

Cramer likes Israel.

CNBC's bad boy spoke optimistically about the Gaza pullout on Wednesday's Mad Money.

Low rates, falling inflation, and hopefully a climbing GDP have provoked Cramer enough for him to put a strong buy on ISL, Israel's indexed fund of choice.

Keep in mind, the geopolitical mess over there has to wrap up quietly for you to make money.

On the Lightening Round segment of the show, Cramer threw out 5 second takes on a batch of stocks.

Here we go...

Cramer is no fan of Rite Aid, that's for sure.

With CVS around, who needs them?

CVS recently bought the Eckerd chain/unit from JCPenny -- I know that down here in Florida, they're expanding aggressively. (More on CVS on Thursday). also left Cramer with a sour taste in his mouth -- this is the sort of hypervalued stock he thinks you should sell and then "sell again and again."

Google, whom the Chinese Internet giant is often compared to, has real profits and only trades at 10-15X 2007 earnings.

Why buy a dog when you have a winner staring you right in the face?

The recent Adobe buy of Macromedia (we love their Dreamweaver software) presents an interesting story to tell at work, but no case for buying the stock -- wait until the deal closes and pans out 3-4 quarters out, in other words.

RFID technology (tags that aid retailers like Walmart in their CRM and inventory control) continues to get a lot of press coverage, but Cramer believes it's impossible to make money in the sector.

Thinking of buying a credit card company now that MBNA and Providian were acquired?

You're too late, says Jim. Take some money off the table -- the cycle isn't screaming "Buy!"

Cramer also spoke about Sandisk, citing it provides chips and other electronic gear for those digital devices that are driving Americans crazy (think iPod).

Speaking of the iPod, Apple is still kicking ass, cruising to new highs almost daily.

Only plan on shorting this stock if you like being burned.

Apple is riding the product cycle nicely.

On utilities, Cramer opined that the recent Congressional changes would make these high dividend yielders ripe for takeovers.

Make sure you pick a utility stock with a low debt ratio and low book.

If you've never seen a stock junky preach, watch Mad Money nightly at Midnight EST.

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