Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekend Preview: Valero Energy and Microsoft

It's never about stock A vs. stock B.

It's about what sector the smart money is flowing into.

Right now, energy stocks are on fuego.

This weekend, we'll have a full report on perhaps the hottest little devil on the Street right now -- Valero Energy.

Valero (VLO) is the sort of stock that taunts you in your sleep: Why didn't you call your broker?

Valero, a Texas-based oil refiner, has been making money hand over fist amidst the Katrina and Rita debacles.

Strong management as well as endorsement from a plethora of different media outlets have sent shares soaring.

The question is: Is Valero's run over or is the party just getting started?

A Fortune Magazine feature just hit the shelves and you know how contrarians feel out about over-exposure.

Speaking of magazine covers, that's already two for Microsoft in the last month.

Is Wall Street being too hard on Mr. Softee?

The Street's consensus on Microsoft is quite negative, awkward with the new XBox game console due out in November.

Let's not forget the rumored AOL deal and the long awaited 2006 Vista launch.

2006 may represent Microsoft's strongest growth & product cycle in years.

Even we have a love/hate relationship with the self-proclaimed "Kill Google" guys, having pegged Microsoft as a hold for months.

Is it time to light a match under the Bear's ass and upgrade Softee?

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