Friday, November 04, 2005

Drink to That: Hansen Shares Getting Gassy?

On 8/20, we brought your attention to a small beverage company called Hansen (HANS):
Hansen is a maker of sodas, juices, iced teas and smoothies. You've probably never heard the name, but most likely you have seen (or tasted) their products -- HANS makes the Monster Energy drink. We're long the stock with a hold recommendation.
Shares have shot up to $56 from $43 (for a 30% gain) since we first swayed readers to look at "the small cap company" trading at a "slight premium to the S&P. "

Both Barrons and Fortune have written favorably about the company and just this week Citigroup upgraded Hansen to a buy.

If Hansen beats estimates (due out next week), other analysts will most likely follow suit.

However, anything less than a stellar earnings report could send HANS shares sharply lower -- expectations for the company are, how shall we say it -- frothy?

Unless the boys at Citi know something we don't, it wouldn't hurt to lighten up on the stock.

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