Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No One Gives Trump the Pink Slip, Dear: MSO

Sometimes you have to throw the Excel spreadsheets and the 10Ks out the window and just trash a stock for the simple reason that it feels good to do so.

We almost fell out of our rocker on Tuesday night when we read that Martha Stewart thought she would be firing the Donald on the first episode of her reality show.

The hubris doesn't stop there.

After serving five months in jail for lying about a 2001 stock sale, the lifestyle diva says she feels more resilient than ever.

"I have learned that I really cannot be destroyed."

Add to this arrogance the fact that Martha's show isn't even doing that well; in fact, take a closer look -- Martha's show is actually cannibalizing and injuring Trump's brand.

MSO reported earnings last Thursday -- they didn't impress.

Boy, would we love to fire Martha; instead, well just fling an $11 price target her way.

Please stay away from shares of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) -- all we see is a horse standing on two legs made of papier mache.

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