Thursday, April 06, 2006

Give Mr. Wall Street a Black Eye: Subscribe!

If all it took to make money in the stock market was a PhD in mathematics, you'd have a lot more rich mathematicians. Last time we checked, most of them were still fighting and clawing for tenure.

Since we added our membership platform, several of you have jumped on board and are already receiving our weekly stock reports. What are the rest of you waiting for?

Drop your latte addiction for one week and start receiving stock research you won't find anywhere else on the Street!

Here's a quick look at the type of research subscribers receive every week. Our offerings include individual stock analyses, industry surveys (where we isolate the top players and pure plays), and pre-market alerts.

If you are interested in our premium membership platform, make sure you read this.

Some of the sample report links on the subscriptions/membership page are not working properly - we apologize and we'll have those fixed soon. Please also note that we will be using the next few days to fix technical glitches, respond to your subscription requests, and of course, isolate compelling market situations to inform you of next week. We'll see you again on Tuesday, Apirl 11. Clients will receive their research reports as normally scheduled.

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