Friday, December 31, 2004

Bubbly Here & Abroad

No one knows Champagne like the French do. Bubbly, as P.Diddy might say, is everywhere these days--videos, billboards, and of course in every fancy NYC spa.

A report from Forbes released this week indicates that "Americans like champagne and are drinking more of it every year. Consumption has risen from 12 million to 19 million bottles in the last ten years alone--an increase of 58%--according to the Office of Champagne USA. But, compared to the French--or even the Brits--the Americans are mere amateurs. Those 19 million bottles that Americans drank in 2003 might seem like a lot until one considers that the French, with only about a fifth of the population, managed to imbibe 174 million bottles."

The report adds that of the total global market in 2003, the U.S. accounted for only 6.5% of total world shipments, while France accounted for 59% of production. Staggering discrepancy to say the least. If you think the disparity between the 2 polities is cultural--guess what--you're right...While we pale Americans toast sporadically and due to celebratory events (weddings,etc...), in France, cause for bubble is almost a daily occurrence. Luncheons aren't complete sans the venerable elixir.

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