Monday, January 03, 2005

Catablast! Defamed at Finance Blog

Hey, I guess we can't please everyone. As scathing as this review is, we at Catablast! decided long ago that we'd never hide things. Good PR would bury this review, but we'll run it anyways. On Dec 13th, Byrne's Marketview posted
This evening, I got an email from a site calling itself
the hottest blog on wall st. They're long on ads and hype,
their sidebar, header, and footer are stuffed with a seizure-inducing
dissaray of 'features', but as for content... well, if this is the
hottest blog on "wall st.", I'll just bask in my coolness for a bit...they're a well-kept secret that deserves to stay that way."
Ouch, Bryne! We'll focus on content as 2005 begins...

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