Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Poem of the Week: Ecological Revival

Once in a while, we'll post a poem to the site--you know, just to spice things up. This week's poem comes from my father. He is a successful businessman and healer of the world. His poetry evinces a sort of Wordsworthian purity, intermittenly curried by painstakingly detailed observations reminiscent of Garcia-Marquez, our Colombian raconteur and national treasure.
Ecological Revival
by Daniel e jacome, MD

I revived once more
to a tropical curtilage
very dear to my heart

Limited Universe
of eternal satiety
of moist fruits and moist flowers ;
capricious figurines sculpted in the ground
by the winter rain
of my Caribbean homeland

And I rejoiced
with precocious expansion
during my daily inspections
of the natural microcosmos
of guava trees , anon ,
maranon , pomarrosass and guanabanas

World of profuse riches
of multicolor wasps
lanose caterpillars
scarlet ants
and yellow butterflies ...

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