Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Future of Blogs Looking Good, Mom.

I get asked a lot whether or not this site makes money. Yes, some. Not a lot, but the real reward lies in knowing that strangers are reading your analyses almost daily. Some readers have emailed me saying "Catablast! is the first place they go to for their business news." Anyways, this is all a seque into a Business Week article published this weekend that renders blogging/online magazines the next frontier in internet technonlogy & trends.
I believe blogs will grow increasingly prominent, because they offer interesting and unique content, are easy to search and organize, and have the potential to generate notable revenues and profits through the use of online advertising (primarily keyword search) and affiliate marketing. Gawker Media is another major network of blogs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see companies such as these make news on the financing front in 2005, by possibly raising private capital or taking steps toward an IPO. I believe some of the businesses highlighted above have bright futures. We’ll see if investors (private and public) agree.
A blog IPO? Anything is possible now that pay-per-click advertising has become one of the primary ways companies generate advertising revenue.

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