Saturday, February 12, 2005

Suggested Reading: Letter to Clients

It is Saturday-beautiful day here in NYC. I'm at my office here on 42nd and Lexington combing through files. I just sent out this little note to my wonderful clients--I figured why not post it here--maybe some of you guys will head right on over to and add some books to your reading list.
Just as doctors have to learn about the newest medical advances and accountants the most recent tax code changes, as your financial advisor and insurance planner, I must stay on top of everything that is going on in the world of personal finance. That means I have to read lot of jargon-filled books and articles. Not always the best way to spend a Friday night, right?

The good news is that I’ve done the homework for us both--and after careful consideration, I’ve selected the following books as part of a recommended reading list for my clients. These books are comprehensive, but more importantly, to the point. A lot of the information you’ll find familiar, but it never hurts to refresh your memory. Drumroll, please.

1. Get a Financial Life
2 Rich Dad, Poor Dad
3 Smart Couples Finish Rich
4. Creating Wealth
5. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need
6. Loopholes of the Rich
7. Become Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept.
8. The Retirement Savings Time Bomb (My dad loved this one...)
9. The Procrastinator's Guide to Estate Planning
10. The AARP Crash Course to Estate Planning
11. The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing
12.The Millionare Next Door
All in all, I could turn blue in the face recommending more, but these would serve as a great start--learn how to cut dow debt, strech your IRA, maximize your pension, do a reverse mortgage, rollover your old 401(K), save money on taxes, and avoid probate through sound estate planning. The list is endless-so enjoy.

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