Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Who Are the 50 Best Analysts on Wall Street?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bloomberg's third annual Top Research Analysts poll is here.

Pick up this month's Bloomberg magazine to find out who's who on the Street.

This is some pretty serious stuff.

The magazine polled hundreds to determine who made the best and worst picks over the last 12 months.

Rather than turn sycophant on one particular analyst, the article takes about 5 or 6 analysts so as to represent the whole group.

Rather than spoil it for you, I'll just say that equity research is no longer about a simple buy, hold, or sell call.

Here's what I mean.

The top analysts had experience in the fields they were covering.

The top analysts were good communicators (rather than chummy gift-bearers and psuedo-investment bankers), knowing how to pair up with the management teams they're in constant dialogue with.

Finally, the best ones spend more time on the road than they do in the office.

The most interesting calls of the year went to a Needham and Co analyst who put a buy on Apple just as the iPod revolution was taking off and a Smith Barney analyst who predicted that JC Penny would sell its money-bleeding Eckerd unit (sold to CVS Corp).

If you were wondering which firm had the most recognized analysts, the prize went to Sanford Bernstein, with 5 0f the 50 chosen coming from the research giant.

Until next year.

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