Friday, September 23, 2005

Markets Hold Up: Rita Downgraded

With Rita's wind speeds ebbing Friday morning, investors began showing more confidence in the stock market.

Certainly, one of the most reliable trades this year has been to buy when the news got really bad.

In fact, had you ignored the market all year but invested the day of the London bombing attacks or the Katrina storm, you would have made money.


Now the question is whether Rita will present the same money-making opportunities.

All that said, we're not taking Rita any less seriously than we did yesterday.

Texas accounts for 2% of our GDP -- disruption or destruction, things could get ugly.

We're going to stick it it out with our Home Depot position and hope HD can get back to the 45+ level.

We'll catch you tonight for that Microsoft report, not to mention some breaking news on Chipotle -- my favorite burrito hangout has decided to go public.

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