Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Value Meal: McDonalds/Market Action

This market's as fun as watching Warren Buffett invest.

Decent durable goods orders data barely phased investors on Wednesday.

But a couple of stocks on our radar have been making moves.

It's nice to see, for exampe, discount broker Charles Schwab up on a down day.

Last Monday we put a table pounding buy rating on the stock.

Schwab's revamping operations (we love the new commercials, by the way) after releasing CEO Dave Pottruck from his duties and bringing the founder back on board to steer the ship.

We've seen Ameritrade (AMTD) go on a tear this year; now it's Chuck's turn.

Proctor and Gamble, which we've been buying a lot of for our own account, hit a 52 week high today.

You'll recall how last week we told you PG was the Katrina play no one wanted to talk about.

In a sour economy, people still need to brush their teeth -- we believe that Proctor will be a steady performer as the Fed continues its jihad on your home.

Finally, McDonald's is getting a lot of attention as the food giant is circled by rumors of a possible hedge fund deal.

We don't think a deal is likely anytime soon, but the pressure should force the company to further increase shareholder value.

In the food sector, we own and follow General Mills.

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