Friday, December 30, 2005

From the Editor's Desk: End of the Year Notes

The last day of the trading year is showing nothing less than a dearth of conviction among investors.

Or is the selling a scheme to create tax losses?

Three quick notes to fire away -- first Google; it's on sale.

Google (GOOG) fell hard today after it got hit with a $5 billion lawsuit brought by Rates Technology.

Rates claims Google inappropriately used its voice-over-Internet technology in its Google Talk.

Google's a $450-500 stock.

The online search leviathan reports earnings on Jan 31st -- look for a blowout.

We are 3 for 3 on "earnings predictions" -- so take this one to heart.

Second, some of our sources are leaking this out to us: 2006 will be a dynamite year for the airliners.

We concur. Airliners have been locked in the sell block for too long -- look for a jailhouse break not if but when oil dips.

We like Brazil's Gol (GOL) -- the low cost airliner's found a profitable niche and runs on a lean and mean diet Paris Hilton would be proud to call her own.

Lastly, here's our wild prediction for 2006: Overstock CEO Pat Byrne gets canned.

Overstock (OSTK) opened the year at $70 and closed at $28.

Where we come from, if the operation you run sheds $400 million that fast, you're job should be someone else's.

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