Sunday, January 09, 2005

Biz Sites Continue to Proliferate

Rhymer Rigby reported in the Financial Times recently that

"beyond the hype, is there money to be made from this increasingly popular internet trend? ... BlogAds is an online agency that allows businesses to buy advertising space on blogs. Prices range from $2,200 a week for the top spot on the hugely popular down to $10 apiece for hundreds of smaller weblogs ... Those who read [blogs] tend to be everything advertisers hold dear: in their 30s, wealthy and well educated."

"Matt Haughey runs a number of blogs, the most famous of which is Metafilter, a vast community weblog whose members number in the tens of thousands: 'Together, the ad revenue from all of my blogs represents a pretty decent salary,' he says, 'but I've been very lucky. I'd like to stress that there are a few dozen people at the most who can be like this - everyone else will make $5.'"

My opinion is that finance-oriented websites will continue to appear in droves-it’s easy to set up shop and rant and rave about the market. The question is to what degree such prognostications and banter accurately reflect what is going in the marketplace. The market induces an array of emotions form its onlookers, but at the end of the day, the closing ticker is an objective circumstance. Numbers and nothing more. The wiped out 401k, the vacation money blown on the water cooler penny stock rumor, or the fund you read about in Kiplinger’s this past Sunday—none of that matters after 4 o’clock. Neverthless, all this hype, fear, and greed make for great reading.

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