Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Blog of the Week

Who else but Ugly Chart. Only facetious genius could pen something like
Stock Market Samurai
Lesson #1: Use your opponent's energy against them
In the stock market, the direction of the energy of the market is towards the trend. If you try to fight the trend, the market will destroy you. Use its wild energy against itself to bridle it and gain control. Trade with the trend. Know this and you will see that if the stock market attacks, it is the victim.
Lesson #2: Swordsmanship means chivalry
If you are physically strong, but not mentally calm, you may win the match but you will never be a true samurai. A stock market samurai wins before they even make a trade. They know they will succeed before they begin. Emotional strength, confidence and discipline
This guy is a film buff, too! C'mon what else could you as for...We will continue to monitor finance blogs as a regular feature of this site.

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