Saturday, February 26, 2005

Blog of the Week: wizBang!

Beautiful layout. Compelling stories. And one hell of a group of links. Welcome to wizBang!--this week's blog of the week. Wizbang's self-description:
Wizbang is a unique mix of news, politics, and entertainment. Wizbang has grown steadily into one of the most popular conservative weblogs on the Internet. Since it?s founding in April 2003, and has over 5 million unique visitors. Don't ask me to explain Wizbang's rise in popularity, but I imagine it's a function of topicality, humor, and insight. Over the past year I've covered tons of topics, and I try hard to avoid becoming predicable. In the run-up to the 2004 elections the focus has naturally shifted towards politics, but after the election the mix will return to the pre-election mix. I've said before that Wizbang is whatever I feel like it should be that day, which is a philosophy that has served the site well to this point.

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