Monday, August 22, 2005

Goldman Report In Our Hands

Super spike period may be upon us: Sector attractive.
We believe oil markets may have entered the early stages of a
“super spike” period, which we now think can drive oil prices
toward $105/bbl. We see as much as 80% upside to super-spike
peak values and reiterate our Attractive coverage...

Do those words ring a bell?

We'll, they're part of the infamous Goldman Sachs "Oil Report" in which the firm said oil would fly past the $100 mark.

GS then backed off their call and stragely erased all data and evidence of the report from the Internet.

Some in the media have called it a marketing ploy, including our friends over at

We finally got a copy of the report earlier this morning and we'll have full-depth coverage/analysis of it later tonight.

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