Friday, August 19, 2005

Weekend Preview

It's was another exciting week here on the Street.

At the top of the list was Google's decision to raise more money from the capital markets.

They'll be doing a secondary offerring, with which they'll most likely raise 3 or 4 billion dollars.

Google is cash flush, with about 2.9 billion greenbacks already stashed for a rainy day.

As we postulated yesterday, as Google breaks into more broadband-intensive activities, Catablast! Media Group thinks GOOG may take out Skype! Networks.

Apparently, Murdoch of Fox News is also interested in the revolutionary Internet-based telephony service.

As a technology analyst as the PSGroup wrote this week, ''Google is a digital services infrastructure company...The digital service they're delivering today is advertising-supported search but the digital services they'll be delivering in the future will be much more widespread."

We'll see you on Saturday for our Barrons recap.

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