Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stock Sightings: Nokia Up to Something

Sleek design, simple user interfaces, and music-playing phones.

Nokia, people, Nokia.

Handsets are commoditized heavily nowadays, I think we'd all agree.

Today, Business 2.o reported that the Finnish tech juggernaut is remaking itself into a multimedia powerhouse, "marrying phones with high-end gadgets like video recorders."

Be on the lookout for the N90 videophonehandset.

And don't forget that Cisco has considered buying out Nokia for its wireless infrastructure.

Cisco CEO John Chambers said it himself -- Nokia presents an attractive opportunity.

Cisco has plans.

Nokia has plans.

And maybe you should have plans to buy some Nokia common.

As the market leader in cell phones (2x Motorola's grab of the market), and solid CEO succession plans already in place, we're sticking with our previous HOLD recommendation for Nokia shares.

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