Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Follow Up: TIVO

On 10/9 , we went ahead and advised readers to buy TIVO.

...TIVO's management is inconsistent, and with the Direct TV threat so palpable, selling TIVO to a better grounded company that can then monetize services and rollout product to a large, installed base makes good business sense...TIVO's days of great product & poor execution may soon be over. At $5 dollars a share, TIVO is buyout bait.
At the time, TIVO was one of Wall Street's most hated stocks --in fact, it still is.

Shares of TIVO, once the king of DVR services, have had a difficult time recuperating ever since cable/satellite companies decided they could take over your living room without TIVO's platform.

Nevertheless, after reading a terrific hypothesis put out by Barry Ritholtz, we were convinced a TIVO deal was cooking somewhere, somehow.

The new deal with Apple was exactly what we were looking for.

With shares up 12% since we first wrote about the stock (TIVO was trading in the $4.90 - $5.00 range in late September/early October) -- and competition from cable still on the periphery, we're giving readers the green light on selling TIVO.

The hardest part about buying stocks is knowing when to sell them.

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